Presidential Debate: Trump Accidentally Admits Covid-19 Will Be Around For Another Year and a Half

During the debate, Trump responds to a question about covid-19, trying to push back against the belief he’s holed up in a “basement” by saying in all seriousness that he would love to spend a year and a half in the White House basement. He spent the debate saying it will be gone soon, with vaccines coming within weeks (although he declined to guarantee this), then lets it slip that he’d like to hunker down in a basement for a year and half but can’t because he’s president. Perhaps Trump would like to be relieved of the Presidency to follow his wish to bunker up?

In any case, it seems clear Trump really says one thing and thinks another, as Bob Woodward’s report also demonstrated. The thing is, he does it in the same breath. He says he’d like to go away for a year and a half (oh god please yes, PLEASE!) meaning he thinks the coronavirus will be around for at least another year and half. This is a far cry from his repeated claims it’s going away, or that the recent upticks in outbreaks will very quickly dissipate. I think this is a pretty key admission that was easily missed, and it should be probed into more.

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